Bodywork & Fitness

The initial assessment plus session is 90 min and includes 3 additional sessions over 4 weeks: $200.00

Each 50 minute session virtually is $45.00

1 month or 4 Sessions package is $150.00

In-person sessions can be scheduled and pricing will vary on this somewhat.

Your 1st session will be 90 minutes as it will include a health and current fitness assessment as well as going over a extra few basics. For the Classical Pilates, Flexabilty, Breath, Yoga and overall Bodywork sessions I charge for a commitment to 4 sessions or 4 weeks. This is a committment to both of us but most of all it is to yourself. There is no contract beyond this. In order for you to get down the basic principals and truly experince what you are capable of achiving this is an important agreement for you to make.


As stated on the first page:

Virtual or In-person sessions to help you gain flexability, energy, and confidence. How we do this depends on the individual. Some ways are through classical pilates, yoga and breath work. We will address your goals and then get you moving.

Bodywork encompasses a lot and there are many methods to help you access your body's full potential.

Building energetic movement means we get you moving.

There is truly something magical in discovering your self through your body. This is my absolute passion. I love the insights of awareness our body unlocks for us through mindful movement. While there are many prerecorded videos we can watch and infographics we can look at there is nothing that can replace working with someone. The connections we create with ourselves is, I believe, truly expansive when you have some one there with you, experiencing it too. I love love love! the "aha" moments. Like when we think we hit a wall one moment and then discover at some point we forgot about that wall and it is long gone behind us, if it ever really existed at all!

Through guided movment you experience a connection, develop an awareness to your innate body insight. From here momentum gathers and what has seemed overwheming or too hard begins to flow with ease. I bring years of experience in teaching Classical Pilates, yoga, stretching, breathwork and weight based resistance exercise and helping others find these connections for themselves.

There is no bottled energy like the energy you discover through getting yourself moving. While it doesn't happen over night it will feel nearly so.

Let's discover all you can do, the power of you in your life!

Diet & Nutrition

Weightloss, Meal Planning, Diet Changes, Behavior Activation... This is an indepth experience DESIGNED for the unique body you are. The first session gets in depth in what has and has not worked for you, what your habits and goals are, some of your health history and a whole lot more.

Your first session is $120 for this consult, assessment and plan.

Weekly Meeting: $65.

Each week we will meet the first month for up to 50 minutes. I will be available throught the week via text or email for support and questions. There is a 6 week commitment for this work. We will be doing a lot in this discovery process. Getting the clarity and empowerment.. Insights you have been looking for need time to truly set in. Habits are as easy to stop as they were to start when you feel motivated and empowered to create that change. After 6 weeks we will meet every other week or once a month. This will be based upon the individual.

__________________________________________________________________From the homepage:

We will establish your goals, address barriers, modify diet and create a fluid meal plan that works for you in your lifestyle. Focusing on tools such as behavior activation/habit modifications and what foods are energizing you and which ones are weighing you down.

We get mindful and thus really personal with what you eat, why you eat it and what feels right for you.

I have years of professional experience and education in supporting people just like you who are ready to truly gain the insights, confidence and freedoms that living a healthful life in harmony with food, thier body and the world around them.

Holistic Approach

Energy healing, fitness, flexability, meditation, chakra work, breath, nutritional planning, habit change and so much more. This is a total package of self-discovery and tapping into a high vibe energetic you!

Send an email so we can discuss what your needs are. Should this be the path you are looking for I am here to support you fully in this. It is a committment from me to you and from you to you when working with all aspects around your health.